Hartmetalspitze (M4 Gewinde) for Quantum Arms

Carbide Point Probe (M4 thread) for Quantum Arms

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This carbide point probe tip is in the MetrologyWorks family of M4 (4mm) threaded replacement probe tips that are compatible with the new arms from FARO Technologies, Inc.that were recently released, including the Quantum S, Quantum M and Quantum E FARO Arms. The tips can replace broken tips or be threaded into the FARO M4 Universal adapter FARO PN 20780.  Please note that for the grey FARO probes, due to the FARO driver, replacement tips must correspond to the original ball size (2mm, 3mm or 6mm) as this is not editable in the driver.  Any size, including MetrologyWorks exclusive sizes can be used in connection with the FARO Custom Probe Universal adapter because the driver allows the user to specify the ball size (in this case 0.0 mm). Tip is a replacement for FARO PN 21564.
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