PolyWorks Conference USA 2018


You may have heard about the smart factory of the future: smart manufacturing with connected technologies. But what does that mean for the future of metrology?

We’ve got the answer: Smart 3D Metrology! And we’re not just talking buzzwords here – it’s about providing you and your business with the ability to create flexible metrology processes that play a key role in solving existing and future manufacturing problems.

Join us, and the PolyWorks user community, at the 2018 edition of PolyWorks Conference|USA, on April 4-5, 2018, to:

  • Witness the launch of PolyWorks® 2018
  • Strengthen your skills with step-by-step workshops
  • Discover Smart 3D Metrology
  • Connect and share ideas with over 500 metrology professionals


July 23-27, 2018 | Reno, Nevada

  • Practical user-driven knowledge that you can implement at your job immediately.
  • Access to using members, vendors, and service providers through presentations,workshops, hands-on training opportunities and networking events.
  • Direct interaction with more than a 400 end users of Metrology solutions, including developers, decision makers and vendors.
  • A preview of the latest innovations and technology advancements by the top vendors in the industry at the vendor expo.
  • What you need to know about New technology including hardware and software
  • How to successfully work in a heterogeneous environment.
  • Understand how others are having like issues and how they are solving them.
  • How you can implement 3D portable metrology solution in your industry learning how other implementations have been handled.
  • What are the challenges of collaboration in a 3D environment including product development, production within the supply chain and post-delivery issues.
  • What You’ll Learn. The conference program is specifically developed to deliver content focused on the most pressing Metrology issues of the day.