What does MetrologyWorks do?
MetrologyWorks is the foremost source for high-quality replacement accessories for portable CMMs. This includes portable measuring arms, laser trackers and laser radar systems.

Which portable CMM systems does MetrologyWorks support?
Portable measuring arm systems supported include Faro and Romer. Supported laser tracker measuring systems include Leica, Faro and API.

What other kinds of products does MetrologyWorks offer?
MetrologyWorks offers replacement probes for extension kits for arms. We also  off a variety of mounting options, including portable tripods, rolling stands, rolling granite carts and magnetic mounts?

What size magnetic mounts does MetrologyWorks offer?
We offer three sizes of magnetic mounts to suit any application including heavy laser trackers mounted horizontally. Our magnetic mounts are offered in 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes.

What kind of portable CMM probes does MetrologyWorks offer?
MetrologyWorks’ full line of portable CMM probes includes angled, curved, and extended options that are compatible with multiple OEMs. We have the probe to fit nearly any portable CMM application. We keep dozens of replacement probe options in stock for quick shipment in case of emergency.

What kinds of Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (“SMRs”) does MetrologyWorks offer?
For laser trackers, MetrologyWorks offers a full line of glass, break resistant, and solid SMRs in inch and a half, seven eighths, and half inch sizes.   All of our SMRs are offered in three different accuracies. Our popular patent-pending, truly break-resistant Rhino Series SMRs are extremely durable and offer a cost-effective alternative to solid SMRs. For more information, please request our tech sheet.

What kind of low-cost SMRs does MetrologyWorks offer?
MetrologyWorks offers glass SMRs and an extensive line of tracker tooling to ensure that you have the correct adapter to fit any application.

What kinds of tripods does MetrologyWorks offer?
Are you looking for a more stable, secure, and portable mounting option? MetrologyWorks’ new patent-pending Pro Series tripod features aircraft grade aluminum tubes and castings as well as carbon fiber bracing for added strength and vibration dampening.

What kinds of heavy-duty rolling stands does MetrologyWorks offer?
For more heavy-duty applications, the MetrologyWorks Rhino Series Rolling Stand provides the most rigid measuring platform in the industry. We set a new standard for rigidity and performance that you can trust to use with your valuable laser trackers, scanners, and other portable CMM systems.

Where is MetrologyWorks located?
MetrologyWorks, Inc. global headquarters is conveniently located in the central United States, near Kansas City. We stock a variety of portable arm and laser tracker accessories and offer next day delivery to customers throughout the North America. We offer International expedited service. MetrologyWorks GmbH has offices and a warehouse in Berlin, Germany to better serve our customers in Europe.

What kinds of heavy-duty rolling granite carts does MetrologyWorks provide?
Are you looking for a heavy, flat, yet portable surface on which to measure your parts? MetrologyWorks offers Heavy Duty Rolling Granite Carts in a 24”X 36” size as well as the industry exclusive 28”X 48” size.  Our Heavy Duty Rolling Granite Carts use locking casters that provide a stable, heavy measuring surface while also allowing you to move the cart to other areas of your quality lab or shop floor.