Laser Tracker SMR's and Laser Tracker Ball Probes

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Laser Tracker SMR's and Laser Tracker Ball Probes

Laser Tracker SMR's and Laser Tracker Ball Probes

MetrologyWorks provides a full line of Laser Tracker Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR) Ball Probes.

Every SMR is compatible with all OEM Laser Trackers including FARO, API, and Hexagon (Leica).

We Currently offer 3 Laser Tracker SMR Versions in 3 Sizes:

Glass Element SMR: made up of 3 separate pieces of glass
Drop the SMR once, buy a new one

Rhino Series Inserted SMR, Single Piece Aluminum Insert
We have assembled this SMR in a way that the insert will not come out. When you drop the competitions SMR they shift or pop out after a few short drops. With our Rhino Series SMR, Drop, Pickup, and Measure on. You get the performance of a solid SMR that is much more affordable. These are available in High Accuracy SMR versions. We keep the Rhino Series SMR s in stock at all times. 

Solid Break Proof SMR, Solid Ball that is Coated
Drop this SMR as many times as you want these SMR s are bullet proof.

There are three Spherically Mounted Retroreflector sizes that we offer in each of these versions:

  • 1.5″ SMR – 1.5 inch SMR
  • 0.875″ SMR – 0.875 inch SMR
  • 0.5″ SMR – 0.5 inch SMR

NEW Matte Finish Rhino SMRs are also in stock. The Matte Finish SMR allows for the use and integration with other systems like structured light scanners and Laser Radar. As automation evolves more and more customers are integrating multiple systems to accomplish metrology measurement tasks with Portable CMMs.

  • Coming Soon the World's first Metric SMR – 25MM SMR s. Please inquire if you have interest.

SMR stands for Spherically Mounted Retroreflector, which really means a corner cube optic centered in a Ball.

Other common names for SMR include TMR, CCR, Ball RetroReflector, BMR, Retro Reflector, Ball Corner Cube.

We more than likely have the SMR / BMR that you need in stock for overnight delivery. We understand that when you need one, you urgently need one.

Consider a hard case for the SMR / BMR of your choice as part of your purchase. We have a case that will hold two SMR /BMR of any size, 1.5, .875, .5 .

Also checkout our complete line of Laser Tracker Tooling and Adapters to match the SMR of your choice. We stock many of the common size pin nests, drift nests and Tooling Kits. Other SMR Tooling Adapters can be produced quickly.

Compatible with:

  • FARO Laser Tracker
  • API Laser Tracker
  • Hexagon (Leica) Laser Tracker
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