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Ultra Mobile Heavy-Duty Rolling Granite Carts for Portable CMMs including FARO arms

By February 15, 2018 October 11th, 2019 No Comments

Many of our customers are looking to make the most efficient use of their portable CMM arm.  One of the best solutions to maximizing your investment is a mobile granite cart to mount your portable CMM and part to be measured.  The perfect scenario is where you can mount the arm and the part to the same mounting surface like the top of the granite cart.  This is the ideal situation that will give you the best results regarding accuracy and repeatability when using something like a FARO, Hexagon, or Kreon, measuring arm.  The thick granite table top of our granite cart provides just such a flat, rigid, stable  surface.

Our portable granite carts include 3/8″-16 threaded inserts to allow you to hold your part down using the included 52 piece fixture kit. They also feature wheels with two wheels fixed and two swivel casters where the two swivel casters lock to prevent movement once the mobile granite cart is positioned at the desired location.  This allows you to use the measurement arm both in a lab type environment and also wheel it out onto the shop floor to measure right beside your machining center or other type of fabrication equipment.  We offer the cart in two sizes.  Our standard cart is a 24″ x 36″ and is the size that most of the OEM’s normally offer. We have found that this cart is great for a small 4ft or 6ft diameter arm however when you get to a larger 6.5ft (2 meter), 8ft (2.5 meter) and larger size that our larger 28″ x 48″ cart is a much better fit.

Both carts are narrow enough to fit through a standard size doorway.  The smaller 24″ x 36″ rolling granite cart includes two 3-1/2″-8 mounting rings, where as the larger mobile granite cart includes three 3-1/2″-8 mounting rings for flexibility in mounting the arm relative to you part.  Both cabinets include locking cabinet doors as well as handles on both ends to ensure the cart is easy to maneuver.  The inside of the cabinet is left open to accommodate any fixturing, power supplies, printers, or computers that you may want to store inside. Whether you are looking to make better use of the arm you already own or looking to add a new portable CMM to you facility a heavy-duty granite cart is great investment that will allow you to measure with confidence for a very long time.