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Leitungsverhältnis auch für die neuen FARO(R) Quantum Messarme

Zubehör für Lasertracker
und Adapter

Stative für Messsyteme

Rollstative, mobile Stative, Magnethalter

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neue MetrologyWorks Produkte

neue MetrologyWorks Produkte

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Rhino SMR
SilverBack SMR
6" Mag Mount
Granitrollwagen - 28x48
nun noch stärker

New Rhino

Series SMR

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Low Starting Price for .0005" Centering

Higher Accuracies Available

We Know Portable CMMs

We specialize in all things related to portable CMMs including portable arms and laser trackers. Whether you are looking for accessories for your FARO Arm, Romer Arm or your Laser Tracker you have come to the right place.

OEM level metrology products at competitive prices.

Portable CMM Products

Portable Arm Ball Probes and Styli for Faro Arms
We offer a variety of probes from direct OEM replacements to our own proprietary Carbide Extended Probes and Carbon Fiber Extended Probes.  We use the best quality materials we can find to ensure that the products you receive perform as well or better than the OEM products you are used to.

Laser Tracker Probes and Tooling
If you are looking for standard replacement SMRs, and Tooling you have come to the right place.  Also check out our unique line of Laser Tracker Tooling, our Bullseye™ series tooling will ensure that you “Never Miss Your Mark”™

Tripods, Mounts, and Accessories
Whether you are in the market for Portable Tripods, Rolling Stands, Magnetic Mounts or other related accessories we have you covered.  Our line also includes Calibration Cones, Leap Frog (Move Device) Spheres and Cones, and accessories for 3D Laser Line Probes and 3D Laser Scanners.

Our Popular Products