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Metrologyworks announces a new line of M4 tips for new FARO(TM) arms

Metrologyworks is excited to announce the availability of a new line of M4 (4mm) threaded replacement probes that are compatible with new arms from FARO Technologies, Inc. that were recently released that include the Quantum S, Quantum M and Quantum E FARO Arms. Metrologyworks M4 Probes are compatible with Quantum S, Quantum M, and Quantum E M4 probe bodies and the M4 Universal adapter FARO PN 20780.

The M4 Metrologyworks replacement probe tips that are compatible with the new line of FARO Quantum arms are available now and in stock for shipment. These probes feature Zircon (Zirconia ) balls just like the OEM equivalents. Below are the MetrologyWorks part numbers and corresponding FARO part number for cross reference.  Please note that for the grey FARO probes, due to the FARO driver, replacement tips must correspond to the original ball size (2mm, 3mm or 6mm) as this is not editable in the driver.
Faro also provides a black M4 Universal adapter FARO PN 20780, which can be used with any size ball since the driver allows the ball size to be input.
Metrologyworks PN FARO PN
QT-PRS-2mm-ZIR 21765-004
QT-PRS-3mm-ZIR 21765-001
QT-PRS-4mm-ZIR MetrologyWorks Exclusive
QT-PRS-5mm-ZIR MetrologyWorks Exclusive
QT-PRS-6mm-ZIR 21765-002
QT-PRS-PNT-CB (Point Probe) 21564

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