Heavy-Duty Rolling Granite Cart – 24″X36″ Black – Metric

Black Finish – M8 Threaded Inserts with 150mm Spacing

This is our standard rolling granite cart at 24" x 36", and it is the size that most OEM's normally offer. We have found that this cart is great for a small 4ft or 6ft diameter arm. The cart is narrow enough to fit through a standard sized doorway, and it includes two 3-1/2"-8 mounting rings.  It has locking cabinet doors as well as handles on both ends to ensure that the cart is easy to maneuver. The inside of the cabinet is open to accommodate any fixturing, power supplies, printers, or computers that you may want to store inside. Whether you are looking to make better use of the arm you already own or looking to add a new portable CMM to you facility, a heavy-duty rolling granite cart is great investment that will allow you to measure with confidence for a very long time.
Rolling Granite Cart 24x36