Replacement Probes and Styli for Faro Arms

MetrologyWorks provides a complete product line of replacement probes, styli, and accessories for Faro Arm Portable CMM’s at significant savings.

OEM Replacement Faro Probe and Custom options for your Faro Arm probe.

MetrologyWorks can provide substantial savings on your next Faro Arm probe. When it comes to unique probes and accessories we have the largest selection of ball probes and styli for portable CMM arms.  This includes standard length rigid probe configurations and extended length styli in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel and Zircon (Zirconia).  We also stock magnetic mounts, rolling tripods, portable stand and a number of other portable CMM accessories including leapfrog spheres and cones.

MetrologyWorks manufactures ball probes and styli that fit all FARO arms and Faro Gage arms. Give us a call to discuss the ball probe you are in need of. All compatible FARO arms are listed in the table below.

With straight probe bases for FARO, 90 degree, and 45 degree probe bases for FARO in stock, MetrologyWorks can provide any tip geometry on any FARO Compatible stylus with quick turnaround times. In some cases we also can provide FARO probe repair services and tip replacement.

We specialize in Carbide Extended Probes as well as 90 and 45 Degree and metric sized probe balls including 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, the list goes on.  Many of these Probe for Faro Arms are custom, bespoke, designs, and all of them were created specifically to fit or adapt onto a Faro Arm or Faro Gage Arm. We offer a number of ball materials including Zirconia (Zircon) and 440C Stainless (Hardened).

Let us know if there is a custom stylus for your Faro Arm you want to have built. We keep the components on had to build over 400 unique items in a number of days. Once we understand your application, we can ensure that the compatible arm probe will meet your needs.

BrandArm Series Arm Model
Faro ArmUSBPrime
Faro ArmUSBQuantum
Faro ArmUSBPlatinum
Faro ArmUSBFusion
Faro ArmUSBPower Gage
Faro ArmUSBGage Plus
Faro ArmUSBGage
Faro ArmUSBTitanium
Faro ArmUSBAdvantage
Faro ArmUSBDigital Template
Faro ArmSerialGold
Faro ArmSerialSilver
Faro ArmSerialBronze
Faro ArmSerialSterling


MW Probe Part NumberFaro Thread sizeCross Reference NumberProbe Descrition
PRS-6MM-ZIRM6 ProbePROBE00676mm Zircon Ball Probe
PRS-3MM-ZIRM6 ProbePROBE00653mm Zircon Ball Probe
USB-PRS-6MM-ZIR1″-1/4-20 Probe12454


6mm Zircon Ball Probe
USB-PRS-3MM-ZIR1″-1/4-20 Probe12453


3mm Zircon Ball Probe

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