Rolling Metrology Stands, Portable Metrology Tripods, Magnetic Mounts, and Rolling Granite Carts

MetrologyWorks has an entire line of Metrology Grade Mounts for Portable CMMs including FARO Arms, Romer Arms, Hexagon Arms, Kreon Arms, and Laser Trackers including FARO Vantage, FARO SI, X, Xi, Ion, Leica 401, 402, 901, 930, 960, API Radian, Omnitrack, the list goes on.

We use a 3-1/2″-8 universal mounting ring on all of our products so they can even be used with a wide variety of portable cmms as well as Optical Instruments and Theodolites including Total Stations and Large Volume Laser Scanners. We offer a 3-1/2″-8 to 5/8-11 adapter to convert to a Tribrach.

Heavy Duty Portable Metrology Tripods are convenient for the Metrology Professional who is on the move. The Aluminum Portable Metrology Tripods fold up and can be put in our optional Plastic Hard Case.  The case has wheels and is smaller than a set of golf clubs so it can be conveniently checked on an airplane or ride in your back seat. These are popular with both FARO Arm and Romer / Hexagon Arm customers.

NEW Large 28″x 48″Granite Rolling Carts are an excellent option for Customers with 9ft or Larger arms like the FARO Edge. They offer a larger worksurface than our traditional 24″x36″ Rolling Granite Carts for Portable Cmms. The smaller cart is a great fit for a 4ft or 6ft Arm like a 6ft Faro EDGE, Faro Gage, Verisurf Master3DGage, or Romer Mulitgage. Both carts come with an included Clamping Kit and include handles on both sides for convenient handling and a locking handle on the door.

The Rhino series Rolling Portable Metrology Stand was designed with rigidity in mind. It features Heavy Duty three quarter inch tripod bolts,  it also features an extended bearing surface for the bolts so they do not rock and wobble at the top of the casting like on other stands on the market, this combined with a machined jam nut surface leads to super rigid bolts that are the interface to the ground for the Rolling Portable Metrology Stand. It is also designed to allow you to pull the top casting off to service the system over time.

The Rhino series features a next-generation seal that will not corrode or dry out over time like older generation leather seals. The upper casting has an extended clamping area and a reinforced backbone to ensure that this upper support casting is rigid. It provides the upper stability and is cut nearly in half so the reinforced backbone is a must when dealing with heavy and moving instruments. The design integrates a place to mount an adjustable laptop arm which works well when using portable CMM arms. On the upper flange and the base, there are some accessory holes so that custom plates and customer specific parts can be bolted on.

The center lift plate is Stainless steel and includes access to the fix tube bolts so the stand can be assembled and disassembled easily for shipping purposes. 9 Bolts and the Rolling Stand will ship flat. The base receiver adds rigidity to the bottom casting joint and also adds some weight for added stability. The combination of features make this the toughest Rolling stand on the market which is why it has been added to our Rhino Series. Only our toughest products get the Rhino emblem.

If you are in the market for a Magnetic Mount often called a Mag Mount, MetrologyWorks offers both a 6in and a 10in round magnet. The 6in Magnetic Mount is an excellent fit for Portable CMM arms like those sold by FARO, Romer, Hexagon, Verisurf, Kreon etc and smaller Laser Trackers like the newer Trackers but FARO, Hexagon / Leica, and API.  The larger 10in Magnet was created for users with larger Laser Trackers and anyone wanting to mount something sideways etc. The 10in Magnetic Mount has 2.4x the force of the smaller magnet.

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