FARO Arm Rental

Available for Rent are 9Ft 7Axis FARO EDGE Arms and a 12ft FARO EDGE.

9Ft 7Axis EDGE FARO arms are the most common in the industry and allow you to use a Laser Line Probe with them for 3D Laser Scanning.

We now also have a 12ft FARO EDGE arm with the new ES Scanner for Rent.

Laser scanners are available for rent with the EDGE FARO Arms.

Rentals are available on the following basis:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Tripods, Magnetic Mounts and other probes and accessories can also be provided for an additional fee.

Please contact us for current rental rates: 816-650-2266

We can ship overnight and we don’t start the meter until the rental hits you doorstep.

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