2016 12′ Faro EDGE Arm (7 axis)

2016 FARO 12ft EDGE Portable CMM Measurement Arm

Calibrated by FARO in Jan 2020 – Includes Calibration Certificate

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2016 FARO 12ft EDGE Portable CMM Measurment Arm

In Great Condition, Working Tested

Appears to have lived most of its life so far in a box. Tubes look great.

Guaranteed to power on and calibrate.

7 Day no DOA Guarantee.

Working, Tested. Passes SPAT Test per FARO Specifications

Measures 1in Tooling ball diameter within .0004″

Includes Faro 12Ft Edge arm, Travel Case, 7th Axis Handle, OEM Probe kit, Base Plate, Cover, All required cables

Polyworks Software Available as an Add On